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Solvents and Degreasers


NuSolvent is a biodegradable degreaser, with a proven track record. NuSolvent removes bitumen, oil sands, asphaltenes, heavy oil and wax.

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It is both user and environmentally friendly.


Nu Wash is a biodegradable, low-odour degreaser designed for washing oil sands mining equipment.

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Nu Wash is extremely effective at removing bitumen, oil sands, greases, heavy oil as well as the lime based mud and staining associated with Northern Alberta oil sands mining. NuWash has been developed to eliminate the need for aggressive solvents and high pH degreasers, keeping both the environment and personnel safe. NuWash is safe on all surfaces including painted steel, plastic wiring harnesses, glass and rubber.


Eliminator is a recyclable, low-odour varsol replacement that is both safe and effective for cleaning tools and equipment of grease, dirt and oil. It is typically used in solvent parts washers.


STOP is a fast drying brake cleaner used for dissolving and cleaning away grease, dirt and oil from brake parts. Use on engine parts and brakes is safe.

Car wash products

Big Blue

Big Blue is a premium granular wash compound, terrific for the removal of stubborn road film, soils and grease. With extra surfactants and emulsifiers, big blue is perfect for use on automobiles, trucks and buses, etc.

Jet black

Jet black tire dressing gives that new tire shine that everyone’s looking for. Jet black can be sprayed on to a clean tire and allowed to dry or can be applied by hand with a cloth to ensure even application.


Shield is a concentrated liquid spray wax designed for cold application to vehicles. It enhances the surface shine while protecting it from salt and grime. It makes water bead and run off quickly without leaving water spots.


Viking is a liquid soap used for washing vehicles, boats, trailers, mechanical equipment, machine parts, greasy floors and all general pressure washing. It is particularly effective for removing road film from vehicles and is recommended wherever performance and value are important. It is extremely mild in its application and will not damage any washable surface.

Bug Remover

Bug Remover is a highly effective concentrated spray designed to soften and emulsify insects and insect stains. Once loosened bugs can be washed off windshields, lights, chrome and painted surfaces without extra effort. It is completely safe to use on paint or rubber.


Boot Wash

Boot wash is an all-season cleaner that is safe to use in your automated boot scrubbers. It is effective at removing dirt and works in extreme temperatures.

Orange Power

Orange Power is a top of the line hand cleaner that contains micro-scrubbers to help remove stubborn oils, greases and dirt. Orange Power is the most effective hand cleaner on the market and leaves your hands clean with a pleasant fragrance, and it won’t dry out your hands.